When PACQUET INDUSTRIE was created by Denis PACQUET back in 1976, the company was dedicated to mechanical engineering. After the purchase of TECMECA in 2007 Samuel PACQUET, who took over the family business, developed a diversified industrial group with strong corporate culture. It is now based on three main activities namely mechanical engineering, fluid transfer operations and the supply of efficient security devices ensuring a safer working environment during fluid loading and unloading processes.

PACQUET INDUSTRIE is now made up of three distinct companies each specializing in a strategic field of activity. Our strength: 40 expert and experienced craftsmen fully dedicated to mechanical applications.

Over 30 years in supporting, designing and innovating.
And that’s just the beginning of it.

Three companies looking in the same direction.
Your full satisfaction.


Pacquet Production Mécanique

Any company specializing in mechanics must have outstanding skills when it comes to providing the best technical solution. In Pacquet Production Mécanique, our high-skilled professionals work with a park of state-of-the-art machines and tools to make the most of their savoir-faire and provide you with the most suited solutions.

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Pacquet Raccord Tournant

In all industrial sectors, PRT has been developing high-performance rotating unions – the jewels of our crown for over 30 years. Sure of its expertise and savoir-faire, PACQUET answers customers’ needs with the most reliable fluid transfer applications.

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Pacquet Solutions d’Empotage

Whatever the loading / unloading process you use on your fluid transfer operations, whatever means of transport you favour and whatever type of tanker you have at your disposal, PSE will assist and advise you on designing the safest device. Whether you need a loading arm, folding stairs or a Monte & BaisseTM: we’ll get you the perfect match.

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